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Deconstructing Empires & Puzzles — Mobile Free To Play

Empires Puzzles Prepare to be immersed in the fantasy world of Empires and Puzzles and experience the captivating gameplay of the puzzle RPG. Explore and explore the fascinating gameplay elements of match-three puzzles and challenge opponents with your amazing abilities as an element. Explore multiple match-three challenges using the classic puzzle-solving gameplay and progress in your game Empires & Puzzles.

In addition, you also get involved in the fantastic city builder and strategic army building experience. Most importantly, the thrilling online game within Empires & Puzzles will certainly be a hit with the majority of Android gamers. It is now possible to unite with other players and beat the evil foes that threaten to destroy this world, as we are aware of it.

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Story/Gameplay of Empires & Puzzles

The human race is in danger, as it appears that the Dark Lord and his army are preparing to return after years on the death spiral. However, a handful of brave heroes have entered the territories of their enemies and reclaimed the primordial stones, which give the stones unlimited power. You have been selected to be the person who will make use of the stone’s power and assist to aid the Free Army to defeat the Dark Lord.

You can take control of the most powerful heroes in the world and fight in massive battles against your enemies. While you’re at it you also get involved in the thrilling builder game and turn the old fortress to become a powerful base for your troops. Find several buildings and make use of their unique features to help your cause. Enhance the existing establishments and experience a myriad of exciting aspects of the game empires & Puzzles.

Enjoy the classic game of puzzles in Candy Crush Jelly Saga while experiencing the many fascinating elements of strategy and RPG gameplay in this fantastic game by Small Giant Games. Find and select your very own heroes to engage in exciting combat in the game. Discover the fascinating and unique abilities of your heroes and have fun playing the puzzle-solving challenges.


Play through a variety of match-three challenges that lead you through the thrilling realm of Empires & Puzzles. Play simple but extremely engaging in-game levels, with intriguing storylines.

Features of Empires & Puzzles

Here are the best games features to provide:

Puzzles that are interesting to match three.

To begin, Android gamers in Empires & Puzzles can easily get into simple and thrilling match-three games with various settings and difficulty levels. You will be facing many enemies and make use of the gems that are essential to take them down in thrilling battles. Play through multiple levels increasing difficulty levels to ensure that you always have fun playing.

Incredible adventures all over the world

To make the engaging game in Empires & Puzzles more enjoyable, Android gamers can find themselves in the middle of their journeys across different worlds. The game offers different realms where players are able to enjoy amazing combat. Explore captivating and engaging stories in every world. Take part in a unique, equally engaging adventure, and never find it boring.

Explore the many options for building a base

From the abandoned fortress players and members of the Free Army will need to start their battles against the Dark Lord’s forces. To ensure that you are able to win particularly when you reach the upper levels, players should always take advantage of base-building tools to build multiple facilities into your base. These can help you cultivate resources, allow upgrades, build armies, create heroes, and more that are all essential to enhance your experience in a puzzle RPG.

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Farming is a great way to get the most out of your fortress

In order to build your fortress and army, players must farm for a variety of vital items within Empires & Puzzles, which are essential to expanding your empire. Find the most resources you can and ensure they are protected from enemy forces and other looters. These are the resources you’ll need to power your buildings as well as your troops and, the most important thing, your heroes.

Legendary heroes with special powers and troops

In addition, the heroes of Empires & Puzzles come in several different classes, each possessing distinct talents and strengths. In the course of the battle, you’ll have the opportunity to create a trio of three different heroes, each of which should play an assigned role in fighting the enemy. You are free to make use of their strengths in order to lead your army to victory.

Create and train your heroes

To ensure that the heroes are able to defeat their opponents, players on Empires & Puzzles can easily build and modify their heroes with the various options available. Earn EXP to enable your heroes to unlock new abilities or upgrade the existing ones. You can also dress up your heroes to improve your army’s capabilities by playing a game that is unique.

Explore intriguing crafting options

Additionally, you can enjoy the game’s special crafting features when you set out to build legendary weapons to equip your heroes. Pick the right weapon to match their distinctive combat styles. Also, you can enhance their power by acquiring amazing items. In addition, you can alter their appearance with intriguing gear and unique helmets.

Upgrade multiple times to build your company’s position

To advance on the battlefield and to gain advantages over Dark Lord’s army, players may try to upgrade their game elements. There are a variety of choices. Increase the level of your troops so that they are able to fight longer. Enhance the heroes’ abilities to maximize their impact during fights. Make sure to power up your castle and structures to increase the number of resources available. The list of possibilities goes on.

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Enjoy exploring other castles of players

If you would like to learn more, could also build your own army and take part in the thrilling online loot fights. Always on the lookout for castles that are abundant, and are also not well-defended for you to let your army loose and get everything you can. Play a challenging game of puzzle-solving while you slash through their walls and collect your prize. On the other hand, you’ll need to protect your fortress in a proper manner to ensure it’s able to stand up to the attempts of looting by your enemies.

Have fun playing the addictive Alliance game

To add more excitement to the game, Android gamers can have amusement with their addictive game in Empires & Puzzles in the Alliance mode. You can now team up together with commanders from other factions as part of an attempt to eliminate evil from this holy empire. Combat massive Titans in epic battles and take home incredible rewards.

Play for free

If you are looking to play, you can play for free Empires & Puzzles on any of your mobile devices. Enjoy yourself by playing the game’s addictive features and enjoy the game’s free play. If you want to get rid of the annoying advertisements and in-game purchases you can play an altered version available on the website.

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With our unlocked game, Android gamers can comfortably play their RPG puzzles and enjoy all of the game’s features absolutely no cost. Enjoy the freedom to make unlimited purchases and enjoy ads-free gaming. In addition, the Our Weak Enemies mod will ensure that you are able to easily conquer your enemies, and without any stress. All you have to do is connect and run the Empires and Puzzles MOD APK from our website.

Audio and visual quality


Prepare to be immersed in the universe of Empires & Puzzles, with amazing and stunning in-game visuals. Experience epic battles against an army of the dark when you fight intricate monsters, stunning fantasy creatures, incredible abilities, and amazing visual effects. This will ensure you’re impressed with the graphics in the game.

Sound & Music

Enjoy the exciting game of solving puzzles in Empires & Puzzles, thanks to a variety of responsive and intuitive sound effects. In addition, you can also enjoy fascinating music and soundtracks, that will keep you glued to the action.

Final thoughts

Players of the classic game of puzzle-solving are sure to be impressed at Empires & Puzzles, thanks to its unique aspects that combine strategy with RPG. With our redesigned edition of the game, you’ll find more reasons to play Empires & Puzzles.

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