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Dust Settle 3D If you're fascinated by the exciting gameplay of Galaxy Attack, you'll find an excellent arcade space shooter on mobile devices
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June 27, 2022
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This is the description for Dust Settle MOD 3D APK 1.71 (Unlimited Money)

نسخه‌های قدیمی Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting Arcade Game برای اندروید | Aptoide

Dust Settle 3D If you’re fascinated by the exciting gameplay of Galaxy Attack, you’ll find an excellent arcade space shooter on mobile devices. Enjoy the most thrilling action-packed gameplay as you climb aboard your spaceship, and then dive into the enemy lines. You must stop them by using your arsenal of weapons to take on enemies that are coming up on a variety of exciting levels.

Enjoy the easy and easy mobile game that is Dust Settle 3D because it lets you completely immerse yourself in the thrilling space shooter experience. Take on the dust of the galaxy that is flying towards you with an intense blast of fire weapons. Begin your journey to the ultimate shooting challenge with a variety of levels. Find your most powerful abilities to enhance your spaceship. Play the thrilling and fun arcade shooter game whenever you’d like.

Learn more about this fantastic mobile game developed by Zhenrongbin with our in-depth review.

Story/Gameplay of Dust Settle 3D

In the exciting game that is Dust Settle 3D, Android players will be the hero that must defend all of the worlds from threatening threats. In reality, all of the universes are under attack by the dust invaders, and you have to be the hero that saves the galaxy. Jump aboard your dream spaceship and get started on your thrilling space shooting adventures.

Make an attempt to explore the huge dust particles that are flying toward you. Try to eliminate them using the various firepowers you have. Explore an array of challenging levels filled with exciting and thrilling gameplay that you’ll certainly delight in. Get numerous upgrades for your spacecraft to boost their performance during battles. You must also perform your skills well to effectively take on your adversaries.

Dust Settle 3D allows Android gamers to fully experience their most thrilling space adventures and enjoy epic shooter levels. Experience the in-game Dust Settle 3D experience as you explore the universe which is on the brink of war between humans and aliens. Take off on your spaceship and fight to help save our galaxy and bring peace back to the conflict.


Features of Dust Settle 3D

Here are all the thrilling games features to include:

A simple, intuitive, and user-friendly space shooter that has single-touch controls

If you’re looking forward to the thrilling game in Dust Settle 3D, you are likely to find yourself rapidly immersing yourself in the experience due to the simple and intuitive game features. Begin by moving and shooting your spacecraft by using single-touch controls of Dust Settle 3D. The user-friendly touchscreen lets players completely surrender to the experience by sliding their spaceship around to dodge any dust attack and then adjust their focus towards them.

Furthermore, it will inform you of the exact amount of HP left in each dust-based enemy, which allows you to estimate your firepower and then come up with the most effective strategies. All of this should allow players to take pleasure in the exciting game that is Dust Settle 3D even more.

A collection of epic levels, with increasing challenges

If you’re curious, you can play the exciting levels of action within Dust Settle 3D with multiple options of setups and adversaries to compete against. Take on an array of thrilling space shooter games as you steer your spaceship towards your enemies. Experience the ultimate gunfights against ever-increasingly difficult enemies. In this game, the endless levels and increasing difficulty will surely keep the game fun for as long as you’d like.

Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting Arcade Game 1.49 - APK Download

Accomplish your missions and earn special rewards

To make the exciting experience that is Dust Settle 3D more enjoyable, Android users can now take part in a variety of tasks and achievements that will reward them with special rewards. In this game, you will enjoy the thrilling elements of gaming while getting access to a variety of exciting rewards in the shooter-like levels. Enjoy yourself playing the game and discover the most challenging arcade missions and successes as you move forward.

Many dust-controllers

In Dust Settle 3D, Android gamers will be battling against different types of dust that are available in a variety of sizes and strengths. This will make your gaming experience more exciting and fun. Begin by taking on the ordinary Dust You will soon encounter those who are Elite specks of dust with greater defense, Mini-Bosses are harder to defeat, and, most importantly the imposing Super Bosses are sure to present many obstacles.

Multiple spacecraft and aircraft with different capabilities

In order to ensure you’re ready for any next battles against the bosses, it’s normal for pilots to purchase some modifications to their spacecraft. In this case, with Dust Settle 3D, Android players will be able to enjoy the highest levels of aircraft that have more weapons. Make use of the many upgrades available to improve your spaceships by enhancing your defenses, attack, and agility. This should ensure that you take advantage of the game to the fullest extent possible.

Numerous items and bonus prizes to be picked up on the ride

If you’re curious, you can get a variety of superpowers with Dust Settle 3D which will let you enjoy more enjoyable gaming. Find your boosters and other items prior to and during the game so that you can boost your spacecraft with amazing firepower, boost defense, and much more. Utilize these boosters to play the amazing game of shooter.

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A wide variety of de-buffs that you can avoid

In addition to the buffs available, Android gamers in Dust Settle 3D will be confronted by a variety of nasty de-buffs when fighting against dusty opponents. In this game, you will encounter dangerous red skills that can weaken you on contact, so ensure that you keep clear of them to protect yourself.

You can play the game with as or without the Internet

If you’re attracted by the thrilling experience in Dust Settle 3D, you are now able to play using or without the Internet and on your mobile, since the title is now available for Android gamers to play anytime. This means that you’ll be playing the game on your commute or when you’re free, without needing to find the nearest Wi-Fi network or waste all your data from your smartphone.

Play for free

Even with all the amazing game features, Dust Settle 3D is still completely free for all Android gamers to play on mobile devices. This means that you can now play this game via Google Play Store. Google Play Store without paying anything.

Play the game that is unlocked on our website

But, as it’s free to play, ads or in-game buy-ins are inevitable. So, it’s a good idea to download the modified versions of the game available on our website. These offer no-cost features and ads-free gaming that you can fully take pleasure in. It’s all it takes for players to download Dust Settle 3D MOD APK on our site follow the instructions provided and you’ll start. You are free to play with the fun and exciting arcade shooter game within Dust Settle 3D to the highest degree.

Sound and visual quality


In Dust Settle 3D, Android gamers will be lost in the universe of the infinite with stunning 3D graphics. Additionally, with a wealth of vivid and realistic graphics, players will enjoy the thrilling fighting experience much more enjoyable. In addition, due to smooth motions and realistic physics, the whole action experience will be more enjoyable and thrilling. In addition, thanks to the easy arcade game, you’ll be able to play the game across all of your Android devices.

Sound & Music

Alongside the captivating visuals, Dust Settle 3D also provides stunning in-game soundtracks that will let you fully immerse yourself in the stunning flight simulations. In conjunction with the intense and enthralling sound effects that accompany the fights, you’ll be captivated by the thrilling gameplay that is Dust Settle 3D.

Final thoughts

With exciting and fun gameplay of action, Dust Settle 3D offers an easy and enjoyable mobile gaming experience for the majority of Android gamers to play. Also, with the free or locked game version available on our site there is no reason to miss out on this amazing mobile game.

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