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Dino Bash is a charming action-strategy game that is free to download for mobile. While there is a strategic aspect, in comparison to other games in this genre, like Clash of Clans or Age of Empires, Dino-Bash gameplay is simple and doesn’t include cutting or dramatic action.

Dino Bash is a story about Dino-Bash tells about a fantasyland where dinosaurs are being attacked by cave-dwellers. The only way to be able to survive is to stand up and defend themselves. The game allows you to enter Jurassic Park. However, like Jurassic World Evolution or Jurassic World, The setting Dino-Bash is more prominent.

The players from Dino-Bash can use many methods to fight like using bombs with destructive power, such as eruptions of volcanic ash and icy ice, as well as hidden boxes and blizzards. You can help the plight of dinosaurs defend their home through 75 challenging levels. Find tyrant dinosaurs that can build a force to fight cave dwellers who are plotting to get eggs.

General Information

Dino Bash is an action strategy game available exclusively through Google Play and developed by Pokoko Studio. There is a tactical aspect, in comparison to other games in this genre, like Clash of Clans Age of Empires, or Spartan Wars, the gameplay of Dino-Bash is light and doesn’t include cutting slash or dramatic actions. The dinosaurs’ shape is even depicted are depicted is a cartoon with bright, vibrant shades, but does not resemble the real thing. This is why Dino-Bash is suitable for players who just want to play fun games to kill time and do not wish to use an excessive amount of energy playing.

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Dino Bash is a light action-based strategy game that includes an enjoyable series of tasks for protecting dinosaur eggs. that is suitable for all players, and without cost. Dino Bash fantasizes about the world of dinosaurs facing attack by a band of cave dwellers, and the only way to endure is to defend themselves. The game allows players to enter Jurassic Park.

However, in contrast to Jurassic World: The Game and Jurassic Park Builder, the scene in Dino-Bash is much more pleasant. In addition, instead of making new dinosaurs using DNA from the past, this game demands you to guard the eggs with your fingers by moving the stone. Then, you’ll be able to shoot an actual bullet, you can shoot it on the lower right-hand edge of your screen toward the enemy. When you release your hand and a dinosaur flying from the sky will take the stone and throw it directly at the head of the opponent. If you succeed, you’ll be awarded a star along with gold coins and unlock additional levels.

Another method to defeat your adversaries is to tap the dinosaur icon on the lower-left corner of the interface on the screen. This will bring your character onto the field of play. When the player is on the battlefield this tiny dinosaur will attack your opponent but with just enough force to push the enemy away. So, make use of the bonuses to improve your character as quickly as you can.

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How to Play Dino-Bash?

Dino Bash is an attractive dinosaur-themed game for mobile phones that was just released by the game’s creator Pokoko Studio. Dino Bash tells about the journey to save gorgeous dinosaurs’ life before the attack of a large group of people from the past. The game is bound to take you from surprise to very interesting.

The game will allow us through the dinosaur rescue from a cavalry force known as Cave dwellers. They are extremely helpful because they carry eggs that the player can defend. The player will drag stones for dinosaurs to pick up and drop onto the heads of dinosaurs that plan to strike. If we strike enemies on the head, we’ll be awarded game points.

Apart from beating your opponent, we can also compete in the arena by pressing the dinosaur on the left-hand corner of our screen. The dinosaurs, however, aren’t too powerful and are solid enough to deter opponents even more. The main task for us is trying to collect a large number of rewards to earn money to improve our character. The power of dinosaurs increases during battles.

Dino Bash is a relatively engaging action game with easy and entertaining gameplay. It is a great choice for players who prefer games with straightforward gameplay. It is a great game for fun times after school or work. Install Dino-Bash to start the journey to save our beautiful dinosaurs.

Dino Bash is a fun and casual tower defense strategy mobile game that is based on adorable dinosaurs. The game features adorable graphics and easy and intriguing gameplay for tower defense. The players unleash the army made up of Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Raptors to defend and protect dinosaur eggs out of caves of hungry cave dwellers. The eggs of dinosaurs and their predators are under attack from hungry cave dwellers, but only you can stop them with this thrilling game of defense against dinosaurs.

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Overall Assessments

Dino Bash is a tower defense game for mobile devices that was just released for iOS along with Android. The game takes you back to the time of dinosaurs and will let you take part in a new and exciting battle. It’s not necessary to assume the role of an eminent hero in order to take down dinosaurs, but instead, you have to assist this adorable beast. They’re facing a hungry and ferocious enemy that is crying and taking their eggs. The enemy is a tan and adorable prehistoric human being.

There are a variety of dinosaurs attacking its egg-laying sites, such as healers, tankers, and those with high speeds of movement. Additionally, you will have the equipment to withstand the attacks, including ordinary stones and flint which could explode. Utilize them wisely to get the maximum effect of defense. Through the stages, you’ll earn cash and use it to improve your side and become stronger.

Recommended Alternative: Crazy Dino Park

Crazy Dino Park is a casual and relaxing simulation of a business placement game. The players will visit an area where dinosaur fossils have been buried and utilize technology to transform the fossils into living dinosaurs. Also, manage this dinosaur park so that it can attract more visitors to the park!

Crazy Dino Park is an original casual game puzzle. The game revolves around cute dinosaurs. It seamlessly integrates games of simulation and exploration. The game continues to dig to discover the hidden fossils to draw more tourists to aid the dinosaur park in its efforts in generating revenue. There is a lot of entertaining content that is constantly bringing delights. You can also join an impressive dinosaur team to play against other dinosaurs and have endless fun and enjoyment.

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It’s a dinosaur park simulation game that blends archaeology, puzzles, and synthesizing elements. The players must construct the park starting from the beginning. Of course, the initial step is to visit the field to carry out archaeological operations, locate dinosaur fossils, then combine bones scattered across the field to create the complete dinosaur. It could bring these old creatures back to their former glory. It will showcase the resurrected dinosaurs at the park to draw more visitors and boost the revenue for the park.

The players can find dinosaur bones via excavation and exploration. Make use of dinosaur bones to create new dinosaurs as well as bring them back to life. Also, you can get new dinosaurs by making eggs. The game’s details are extremely rich. The style of painting and the inability to close the door is a blunder. You can’t eliminate it.

Final Words

Dino Bash MOD APK is a game for mobile devices that features fun dinosaur gameplay. The game offers an experience that is unique to gaming. You’ll think of ways to safeguard dinosaurs’ offspring from the hands of cave dwellers. There are numerous dinosaur species to pick from, with more game content.

Their eggs and dinosaurs have been savagely attacked by hungry creatures in the cave. Only you to save them in this action-packed game for the defense of dinosaurs. Take part in Dino Bash now with Jurassic tug-of-war with primitive human beings to protect your dinosaur egg and a dinosaur from their vicious appetite. Players will create defensive structures on the ground, launch aerial attacks, and summon dinosaurs in order to prevent their extinction.


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