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Dig2China Free is a free version of Dig2China, an addictive and challenging game. Dig your way down to China, digging your own path through the surface of the earth as you play. But watch out! Your resolve will be tested by falling rocks, magma flows, and cave-ins, as well as exploding TNT.
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July 29, 2022
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The Description of Dig2China Free MOD APK

Dig2China Free mod apk

Dig2China Free is a free version of Dig2China, an addictive and challenging game. Dig your way down to China, digging your own path through the surface of the earth as you play. But watch out! Your resolve will be tested by falling rocks, magma flows, and cave-ins, as well as exploding TNT.


Story of Dig2China Free Mod Apk. One of the best games available today is Dig2China Free Mod Apk, which is a kind of simulation game where you have to be the one who will dig down and finally arrive at the center of the earth. Yes, this is a challenging task but the good news is that there are many people playing this game and it always comes up with new updates and adds new levels.


Some content might be paid, but you can get all the free stuff in Dig2China Free Mod Apk

If you love Dig2China,

you’ll love Dig2China Free! It virtually never expires but does contain ads from time to time. Purchase Dig2China Free and dig side to side through the Earth, tunneling towards the Chinese Embassy in Beijing. There’s no handy exit button, which puts this game in a category of its own. Keep going until you reach China and then continue on to Australia and beyond!

There are some technical glitches with tunnels you should be able to solve by exploring a bit before continuing your journey. The farther you dig, the more exciting it gets! There are many random surprises and fun things to discover hidden underground. It may take years (and maybe weeks) to reach China… but just imagine how glorious it will be when and if you get there!

Dig2China Free mod apk

Play Dig2China Free.

This is a lite, ad-supported version of the popular full game, Dig2China. In Dig2China, your goal is to dig as far as you can from the surface of Earth  to China (10,000 .The deeper you go, the better stuff you will find! Special items and events help or hurt your progress.

Stuck at an airport during

a global crisis with nothing but your wits and a shovel to find food, and water and reach safety? Dig2China is your shovel to an underground adventure that stretches all the way across the world. Collect supplies, avoid dangers and dig fast – to China!

Dig deep below the Earth’s surface,

Play endless runners just like before, but that’s not all! Help the miner dig to China in this free-falling adventure of action and rage. but be sure to avoid spikes and lava as you dodge your way to the prize! Use your sense of timing and rotation to avoid obstacles and get as far down as you can.

Unlimited Everything – it’s not mean,

Dig2China Free is a free android app and you can play it free on your mobile through the Google Play Store. There is some feature like enhancing modern technology. Digging game with no ads at all. Dig2China Free Mod Apk Features 1. you get unlimited money in this application. but You get everything Unlimited that has limitations like life, Coin, Health, and all kinds of stuff

Dig2China Free Mod Apk

is an apk file from developer REDO. When you will install this mod you will get unlimited resources in the game. It is one of the best free ways to Save The World: Zombies! V2.

This mod is completely free to download and play,

Dig2China Free Mod Apk – Digging game that is both fun and an interesting game for all ages. however, some app items may be purchased for real money.

Enjoy the Dig2China Free game without ads and video.

Premium version. With every key, you dig, send a pig friend to help you dig further! Dig to China is an exciting action-puzzle game that takes you on an epic journey across the globe….Break buildings, chop down trees, demolish landscapes and discover hidden worlds as you frantically dig deeper underground. Explore dangerous catacombs filled with creepy skeletons and fiery demons! Top Features: – DIGGY BLOCK FLICKING ACTION! – 200 levels of frantic digging fun! – Unravel the mysteries of OINKERLAND! – DIGGY VOICE NARRATION!

Make your way through a randomly generated tunnel,

Dig2China is an action-packed arcade game with a simple objective: get back to China.  using a variety of upgrades and items to make it past increasingly difficult enemies. All the while, you’ll be digging deeper to get back home!

Tap to accelerate and get yourself deeper underground.

Get extra speed and power as you cut through dirt. Watch out for rocks as you go deeper and deeper. In Dig2China, your objective is to dig to the center of the earth by constantly tapping on the screen. Keep upgrading your pickaxe to dig faster and earn more money so that you can purchase new items such as hats, outfits, and lots more!

Can you dig it?

Drill to China in this amazing idle clicker game! Dig as far down as possible by clicking the ground and making upgrades. Will you be able to DIG2CHINA? Build a mine filled with digging workers, hire some managers and invest your money into research. A clicker adventure that will take you beyond the endless space of your screen! How far down can you dig? Dig2China is played by more than two million players worldwide.


Q:  Can I download the Dig2China Free Mod Apk?

A: Yes, this is a direct link to download Dig2China Free Mod Apk.

Q: How can I play Dig2China Free Online?

A: You can play it offline if you download this Dig2China Free Mod Apk.

Q: What are other ways to get premium codes?

A: You can also get premium codes via in-game advertising video or Complete Task for Premiums!

Final Words

Tell us the truth, we were not expecting the game to be so funny and exciting with this concept. Because such a project will be easy to survive with only entertainment content. But the Dig2China Free Mod Apk made it possible with its gradual difficult learning system, even if you finish the game, you can still enjoy it by trying to break your record. Moreover, it has really good graphic visuals and unique animations plus lots of fun surprises.

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