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Dig This is a two-dimensional fun game played with marbles. Your goal is to design the most efficient route for the ball to travel via digging tunnels. Of course, you’ll dig using your fingers. If the path you choose is safe and you are able to direct the ball towards the target. If the route is difficult it will be difficult to get into the hole or slide out of the way.

The game is easy but it’s still a challenge. You must find the best way to allow the marble to get to the correct destination. A mission game that is reminiscent of the basic design of “Sand Balls“. The game is played on a variety of levels. The game is often a puzzle to complete the level correctly. The trick to winning is the speeds of the objects or even collisions between objects. However, you’ll need lots of thinking to achieve the most effective visual outcomes.


Dig This is a game that emphasizes simplicity in gameplay, however, this is what creates the aspect of dependence. The gameplay is easy but extremely creative and original. You can expect multiple results for each test. The game doesn’t require any content, making it easy for anyone to grasp. It’s suitable for both kids and adults. In addition, the physical aspect is stressed a lot. It is fun to feel the impactor leap of the marbles as you encounter the physical elements.

The game is full of exciting content, and around 400 levels to test players of all levels. The game is simple and varied, similar to “Sand Balls”. It offers easy candy-like levels, up to extreme difficulties. Each screen is constructed with seriousness and is extremely delicate. The games not only help you relax but also promote creativity and logical thinking. To enhance the fun it also provides numerous new options for players to discover.

You’ll be amazed at the wide variety of bombs and balls in multiple colors. They’re all great fun and will allow you to have more relaxing moments. Another great feature of the game is its stunning 3D graphics. The game features bright tones and you can enjoy the authenticity of the marble, the stone, and the tree. Naturally, it also has options. If you are having difficulty using the tips, they will guide you get through the game easily.

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Dig This is similar to “Sand Balls” where you’ll face several challenges to the ball. Dig This game provides a range of challenges and is broken down into two different levels. Relax with fun, games that are puzzle-like, with no difficulty. You are tense after practicing levels. If you’re looking to finish challenging tasks, you must develop the best strategy to achieve perfect speed as well as angle, bounce, and luck.

In essence, you could choose to “test the luck of your opponents” or “use your mind“. Developers continue to create the best product using various factors, including new interface graphics, stability, and diversity. In addition, the advertising feature is sufficient for players to be willing to pay for the no-cost. Of course, there are players who will not accept it if the game isn’t a success.

Realistic physics components can be able to pass the tests easily. However, things can be more challenging for those who want to break through. If you’re not worried about it, the “guidance” will help you achieve the ideal position relative to the right direction and momentum of your marbles.

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Dig It brings back memories of summer and shovels. The interface of the game is vibrant and requires you to dig in the sand to bring the marble until it reaches the final. The game offers interesting levels that you have to solve. It has a variety of interesting things to look at. Hidden dangers and secrets beneath the sand surface at every stage. Your ball is guided to the final hole by following the best strategy.

The game is played at the beach and you will be facing the sun and sand of summer. The objective in this particular game is easy and fun since it is only a matter of finding the right route. The ball will only move only when there is a safe route. The sand is tunneled to determine the most suitable route for marble. Use your fingers to make the pathway. Naturally, the sand is covered with many things and you will find positive and negative.

The route to the final hole isn’t an easy one and you’ll encounter a myriad of obstacles, including bombs, spikes, and a myriad of other hazards. There are also gems. Find as many gems as you can for unlocking new balls. Each ball will give you the player a fun experience and will help you get more motivated to conquer every level. If you are a fan of “Sand Balls” If you do, you’ll be able to find something positive in Dig This game.

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In essence, Dig This is an enjoyable 2D puzzle game that offers an extremely addictive game. The objective is straightforward to create an obstacle to bring your ball into the basket. It is important to use your fingers to build the most efficient tunnel. The game is captivating thanks to realistic physics components. You’ll collide and bounce around with a variety of things to make the most efficient route. There are many obstacles and an exciting tower challenge awaits you to Dig This.


The gameplay is simple to comprehend and also addictive.

Factors contribute to the attraction.

Over 400 thrilling levels.

Solution support if you lose.


Some levels are incredibly difficult.

Physical factors may cause interference in certain instances.

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