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Demolition Derby 3 If you’re into racing or not, I’m sure that you’ve seen the “Demolition derby” once or twice. It’s a motor race held at fairs, festivals, or county fairs which consists of more than five automobiles colliding with one another. The one who is the last standing gets the prize. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? If you’d like to try this experience, “Demolition Derby 3” is available to enjoy.

Following the popularity of ” Demolition Derby 2″, Beer Money Games is launching another sequel to an extremely played racing game. In December of 2018, “Demolition Derby 3” was released and is comprised of the exact features as the first but with some new and unique aspects and enhancements.


If you’re aware of or were a participant at this Demolition Derby event, you should have a good understanding of how it runs and the rules. “Demolition Derby 3” system operates like a real race, where you’re among the participants alongside others trying to win the most prize. In real reality, Demolition Derby is a hazardous sport that could cause injuries. But, you’ve got nothing to lose with this game.

Within “Demolition Derby 3”, there are a variety of game modes that players can explore and have fun smashing cars. The main objective of gameplay is to drive at a high speed and to destroy your opponents in a fair battle. They can’t hurt you however, if your vehicle is severely damaged and you are unable to finish the race, you will lose.

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Fun and exciting gameplay

It is not necessary to learn about this game if you’ve previously played “Demolition Derby 2” before because the concept remains. The main goal is to win the race and take home the most lucrative reward. Three different control options that you can pick from, and then change through your options menu. I suggest you test each of them and pick the simplest and most effective one.

The game also comes with various games that will not be boring. If you’re bored of racing around in laps after lap, you can opt to take on other competitors’ vehicles (please don’t try this in real life). There are camera modes available in the third or first-person perspective, which can help you see the road more clearly.

Game modes

There are, overall three kinds of modes that include: Campaign, Quick Play Multiple Player Quick Match. While other racers are just as competitive as you, so keep in mind to keep track of your speed, and know the best time to turn to avoid the obstacles.

The campaign mode offers you the chance to finish a random task and, as a result, you’ll earn coins.

With Quick Play Mode, players can choose from several different racing maps. Since the majority have been locked down, gamers are able to make use of coins to unlock the map they like. Prior to each race, participants can select the number of opponents they’d like to battle in addition to the number of laps they wish to race. In this way, the person who is first to finish takes the victory,

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while the one who finishes last or gets damaged first technically loses. You need to be fast and careful because your opponents might hit you and flip your upside down within seconds. The street is large enough to allow for any racer, however, make sure to keep the steering wheel in place as sometimes it’s difficult to steer the car in a straight line and you may crash your vehicle or damage it severely, which could render it difficult to steer the car afterward.

The players can compete on more than twenty circuits and they are able to unlock these circuits to win more contests and earn more cash.

Another game, also known as the derbies contest which you can play is the online Multiplayer mode, in which you have to disarm the other players by hitting other players. If their vehicles are burning and moving slowly with the help of fallen accessories, it’s likely they’ll lose quickly. You can look over the situation and opt for the less powerful ones first since they are less likely to be destroyed.

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In racing, participants can view the amount of time they’ve spent as well as the number of laps they’ve completed and what position they’re currently in and the exact time for each race, the latest lap they finished, and the total amount of time they’ve raced within the given map. If you need to accomplish, or a place to go in a flash The pause button can be found on the right-hand side in the corner of your screen. Passing the game won’t alter the game’s progression.

The winner will be whoever gets the first place finish or you are the last standing in the derbies competition In contrast you’ll lose when you fail or finish last.

Equipment and accessories

There’s a wide range of colors, cars, and upgrades, as well as equipment and so on. which you can select from between races and before.

“Demolition Derby 3 “Demolition Derby 3”, there are more than seventy vehicles, and the most well-known models are listed including “1986 Audi 5000”, “1978 Chevrolet Corvette”, “Ferrari F40”, etc. Make sure you pick the most efficient and powerful vehicle because not all of them can win the fight. The higher the class of the car, the better your chances of winning (Of course, you must know how to control your car effectively and develop a plan).

Cars and upgrades, as well as equipment, can be bought in the stores using coins, which are gained by winning races. The more races you compete in and win, the more cash you’ll earn.

Unlimited Money

Certain people might find getting maps unlocked or buying stuff using the coins they earn to be annoying. In the game Demolition, Derby 3 Mod APK players can enjoy the ability to spend unlimited money. Get rid of all worries and get started spending. Purchase a car that you love and unlock a track you’d like to race and improve your beloved vehicle to its maximum.



In spite of the fact that “Demolition Derby 3” was released in the year 2018 it still uses the same graphics as the two predecessors. My personal opinion is that I would prefer a more smooth racing game that has more vibrant colors like “Gangstar Vegas” or “Alpha” however there is nothing wrong with this game. Indeed, “Demolition Derby” is always well-loved and has resulted in the publication of the game’s third component.


The soundtracks to the game are brimming with strong and powerful rock tracks. I believe the soundtrack is among the factors that bring great success to the games.


“Demolition Derby 3” is certainly one of the best entertaining racing games ever. It comes with every feature that will keep players entertained for an extended period of duration.

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