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DDTank Mobile is a fun and easy to use the app in which players blast tanks of every size and shape. Each tank was designed based on real-life military tanks from the biggest to the smallest, with many historical twists and betrayals.
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July 29, 2022
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The description of DDTank Mobile MOD APK

DDTank Mobile mod apk

DDTank Mobile is a fun and easy-to-use app in which players blast tanks of every size and shape. Each tank was designed based on real-life military tanks from the biggest to the smallest, with many historical twists and betrayals. Create your own configurations in the editor to craft an arsenal fit for your next tank-blasting quest or just guzzle some beer while tuning them up!


Meet DDTank Mobile, a mod for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that plays like an arcade game. Players in multiplayer games are given the ability to call in missiles on their opponents. But what if we could give those missiles guidance? What if the user could control their own missile? This is where players step in – they guide the missiles through a virtual environment, controlling them with a smartphone or tablet where they can actually blow up other players’ cities. Absolutely hilarious.


DDTank Mobile is a MOD version of DDTank Mod Apk, with all the features and contents as the original.

packed with amazing features

DDTank Mobile is a fast-paced mini-tank battle game and challenging gameplay. DDTank Mobile includes three different game modes: TD- Tower Defense, RL- Run and Gun, and BR- Battle Royale! Make use of your wits to find the simplest way to defend yourself from incoming enemies in TD mode.

DDTank Mobile mod apk

With over 2 dozen weapons and various upgrades, take aim to win this mode by using your brain! In RL mode jump into a vehicle or walk around the map, fighting against the greatest ghost waves … ever. Run and Gun in BR mode as you battle other players online! Unleash your inner legends through this multiplayer battles game with many exciting weapons and a variety of maps.

HD background music

DDTank Mobile is the most popular premium game in the DDTank universe. DDTank Mobile is a fun game with the greatest high-end graphical performance and thousands of players around the world. DDTank Mobile offers you: – Realistic water simulation with high-definition graphics – Players can walk on the water, jump from monster to monster, interact with objects from all directions – and real cinema sound effects – More than 300 kinds of monsters for you to gather, enjoy your exploration and become a famous troop leader

Play DDTank Mobile anytime, anywhere!

DDTank Mobile, the award-winning downloadable battle environment for Death Road to Perdition – your mobile MMORPG. Select one of the DDTank characters, google play store customize your guns and vehicles with hundreds of options, earn experience and loot hard-earned loot, and win awesome exclusive items.

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Q: DDTank Mobile Mod, can I replace the .apk file with .gradle?

A: Yes, now you can do it by yourself. This means that instead of updating the app using Play Store you will use Gradle and know better the way to update an app file.

Q: Who is DDTank?

A: We are a small team of gamers creating awesome games and mods for mobile devices. Our goal is to bring awesome games to the world, as well as provide great mods for people to enjoy.

Q: What does DDTank Mobile Mod APK have?

A: DDTank Mobile APK version is the newest version of the classic mobile game which contains lots of features and is more fun!

Final Words

The DDTank Mobile is a special tank by Kirkwood. We have been building premium mods for over 10 years and have accumulated a lot of experience. We have spent a lot of time testing different mods on different devices, this time we wanted to do something completely new with our mods.

The Mobile was born from the need to create a special tank and give it to our customers as a gift, with the added bonus that makes our customers happier and helps them save time on their journey. Through the help of some online distributors, this awesome concept became possible, we hope you all like the final product.

What's new

Wonderful new functions:
1) Release Super Weapon-Super Weapon will be launched soon, with multiple skill attribute switching;
2) Revised Pet Skills——Completely revised pet skills, assist the battle to be more balanced;
3) New Pinnacle Arena——Added exclusive items for the arena, the ranking interface is refreshing;
4) Activity Reward Adjustment——Guild & Charm reward adjustment, to help your power comprehensive improve.

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