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Get ready for the exciting shooter adventures with Critical Strike as you take on the traditional RPS gameplay. Pick between two different sides of Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist, pick up your most loved guns from the two sides. and join your most loved maps, and then enjoy an endless shooter experience for hours.

Now, you can play the thrilling shooting game on smartphones. You can play the game with your pals and online gamers from around the world. Make use of the powerful communication tools and guide your team towards victory through amazing teamwork.

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The game’s fans of the classic Counter-Strike will have their opportunities to play the thrilling and thrilling shooter that features genuine FPS gameplay. Participate in the thrilling arenas all over the world in Critical Strike, and explore the game’s fast-paced, real-time shooter to the max on Android devices. Android devices.

Have fun playing with your friends and fellow gamers online from around the globe in exciting and thrilling team battles with Critical Strike. Take advantage of the massive arsenal of gears and weapons within the game and take part in the thrilling shootouts.

Display your abilities and talents while climbing the elite table of rankings.

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This page will provide the most exciting features this game offers:

Play the classic shooter game on mobile devices.

You will be able to revisit the shooter classic which has become a fixture of the lives of many when we embark on challenging shooting games in Critical Strike. Play with fellow online gamers from around the world as you battle both sides of the conflict. Explore the maps of legend that you’ve learned to remember during the time. Compete against your rivals to earn yourself incredible victories.

A smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience with optimized gameplay

and unlike other slow FPS shooters that are available on smartphones, Critical Strike is one of the very few games that provide seamless and enjoyable gameplay, without putting too much stress on your system. This means you can play on less expensive mobile devices without any hassle. In addition, the optimized touch controls let you quickly become familiar with the game’s features.

Critical Strike 11.02 for Android - Download

Play different games with different maps

If you’re interested, Critical Strike introduces you to the classic Counter-Strike maps that you’ve likely played at some point in your lifetime. This means that you’ll find yourself in the epic fire exchanges that take place at the Italy archway or engage in epic snipe contests within the towers of Dutch and more. The list is endless with four additional maps that vary in strategies and gameplay.

Select your preferred weapon from the vast arsenal

In order to help you through the intense shootout challenges of Critical Strike, the game includes a range of weapons that you can choose to shoot at your adversaries. This includes some of the most well-known firearms from earlier FPS titles as well as a variety of new and exciting weapons.

In the end, you can experience thrilling shooting experiences using the stunning automatic rifles and shotguns that perform precise and quick eliminations using snipers and slash your enemies by using powerful weapons. If you’d like it, the game lets players take part in thrilling knife battles that challenge the nerves of the most skilled gamers. You are free to choose your preferred weapon from the many weapons available.

Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS 11.02 Apk Mod latest | Download Android

Divers characters to be able to identify on both sides

In the game, Android players will get the opportunity to engage in exciting battles between two teams that are one being the Counter-Terrorist and the Terrorist. Each side will have its own distinct set of equipment and other accessories that allow players to play with different styles as compared to one another.

On top of that, on every side, the players will be able to access various characters that play different roles within the team. For instance, we’ll be the SWAT, GIGN, Spetsnaz, Seal, and other special forces, including the Counter-Terrorist. In the case of the Terrorist, you can play as Anarchist or Gangster Balkans and many more. Based on their style of play and preferences, you can alter the strategies and tactics in every game to beat your opponents.

Play the game with different game modes.

In order to let players experience the thrilling game to the max, Critical Strike also features different game modes to experience.

For starters, it’s possible to join other online gamers around the world for exciting Team battles. Team fights. In this game, you’ll quickly learn about the in-game controls and features by following clear instructions and easy gameplay. If you want to take the challenge to a new dimension, you could play games like Team Deathmatch where all gamers are able to compete with one another.

Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS APK for Android - Download

If you want to play more strategically For more tactical gameplay, you can play the Defuse the Bomb game mode is definitely a good opportunity to have fun with the combat between teams. In this mode, two teams will choose their sides, with the Terrorists with the primary objective to destroy the structures using their bomb. For their counterparts, the Counter-Terrorists, they’ll have to do everything in their ability to take on the adversaries.

The best part is that you can play with your entire group of acquaintances as a team. You are free to take part in the most epic online challenges any time you’d like. If you’re lucky enough to have players to play, then Custom Match is undoubtedly an excellent game to play. You are free to design your own space with your favorite rules and maps. Play with friends or allow other online gamers to join you at any time you’d like.

Simple and easy-to-use communications

To allow players to be able to easily chat with their fellow players The game also comes with chat functions that can be useful. In addition, you are able to chat with your teammates, your teams of your enemies, or with a particular person easily. In addition, alongside the text chat feature, you are also able to utilize voice chat which will surely enhance your gaming experience overall. So, you can talk with your friends anytime you’d like, and get the most out of teamwork.

Critical Strike 11.02 for Android - Download

Play for free

In spite of all the incredible features, The game is completely free for everyone Android gamers to play. In any case, you can quickly install it on your smartphones through Google Play Store. Google Play Store without any cost.

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Audio and visual quality


Enjoy the AAA graphics in this mobile game while you play a thrilling game. Furthermore, thanks to optimal optimizations and customizable graphics this game let players experience seamless and enjoyable gameplay without sacrificing the amazing graphics.


Take a dive into the epic shooter games with Critical Strike as you enjoy the amazing shootouts on different maps. Fully immersed in the action as you take in the realistic and realistic sound effects. You can play your characters flawlessly and not even realize you’re playing.

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People who love classic shooter games such as Modern Ops or Bullet Force are now getting their chance to play another thrilling game through Critical Strike. Bring back your fond memories of the iconic Counter-Strike whenever you want.

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