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Chicken Gun Are you interested in the easy user-friendly, easy to use, and fun shooter game on smartphones? Also, you're hoping for a fresh and fresh way to play shooter? So, why not shoot alongside our intriguing chickens
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January 14, 2022
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Description of Chicken Gun MOD APK 2.7.04 (Unlimited Money

Chicken Gun - Apps on Google Play

Chicken Gun Are you interested in the easy user-friendly, easy to use, and fun shooter game on smartphones? Also you’re hoping for a fresh and fresh way to play shooter? So, why not shoot alongside our intriguing chickens? Yes, in Chicken Gun, Android gamers can enjoy amazing shooter experience with their friends and online gamers from across the globe while they engage in amazing battles for the barn.

Take a look at our adorable chickens in engaged in endless brawls and enjoying the best mobile shooter experience right in devices like Android devices. Play online wherever and whenever you’d like. Play through the endless game challenges and discover all the possibilities of Chicken Gun however you’d would like.

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Story of Chicken Gun

It’s a mess in the barn, and our chickens have thrown on arms to plunge into the thrilling shootouts. There is no mercy for chickens because those who are hesitant will be thrown to the ground. Be the chicken warriors you’ve always wanted to be, and face every opponent in your ultimate Chicken Shooter challenge on mobile devices.

In the game Chicken Gun Android players will be having the most thrilling shooter experience with their friends and online gamers in epic multiplayer fights. Take out one of your guns and fight your rivals in thrilling shooter fights. Try different strategies with the game and progress through a variety of thrilling actions.

Take part in exciting PVE as well as PVP chicken fights in Chicken Gun as you enjoy your time with completely unlocked maps. Explore the various environments with intriguing setups and take on the amazing multiplayer shooter challenges within the game Chicken Gun .

Chicken Gun - Apps on Google Play

Features of Chicken Gun

Here are the best game features to provide:

Get the basic and easy chicken shooter experience.

For starters, Android gamers in Chicken Gun are able to quickly start learning about the thrilling gameplay features of the mobile game. Enjoy shooting games and take part in the thrilling shooter challenges when you’re up for it. Get your chickens equipped with the best guns and experience the ultimate shooter experience while having fun playing online with other gamers from all over the globe.

In addition because of the user-friendly touch controls, you’ll be able to move around easily and trying to hit your foes with precise shots, or take advantage of the in-game features available. The exciting and refreshing chicken shooter game Chicken Gun  will surely delight any enthusiasts of the addicting FPS games.

Enjoy the multiplayer game in various modes.

When you play the game Android players playing Chicken Gun will find themselves engaging in the most exciting shooter experience with a variety of thrilling game Chicken Gun modes.

You are free to participate in the group match-ups and have fun with the thrilling battles you will engage in with your co-players and other chickens. Take your guns out and play the incredible gameplay, using your complete group effort to win the challenging challenges.

At all times, you can feel at ease to experience the best shooter game, where you can play with gamers online in their entirety for one single game Chicken Gun . Take on the challenge and be the last to live. You can also be eliminated and swiftly restart to continue enjoying the game Chicken Gun .

The endless shooting game that is available in Chicken Gun will surely impress the majority of Android gamers that are fascinated by the genre.

Chicken Gun APK MOD a Unique FPS Shooter Game |

Explosives and interesting weapons that you can make use of

If you’re curious, you can play the thrilling shooter game that is Chicken Gun with many available in-game weapons and explosives which will make your shooting experience more enjoyable than it was previously.

You are free to grab the shotguns, rifles, automated guns, as well as other weapons of range as you engage in epic battles. You can also take with you your melee weapons to fight in fun and exciting battles. Different weapons can be used to promote different styles of fighting and certainly make the game Chicken Gun  more fun.

While at simultaneously, be free to play with the fun explosions that are part of the game as the exploding eggs and blind grenades are thrown and Molotov cocktails at your chicken opponents. Take advantage of the fun and excitement using the weapons and enjoy your battles to the max.

Interactive and fun maps to play around with

If you’re curious, the game Chicken Gun comes with interactive and exciting maps that are available to explore and play anytime you’re willing. Enjoy the incredible mobile gaming experience while you explore the diverse maps, each with distinct layouts and features. Explore the levels that are interactive and enjoy the game to the max.

✓ [Updated] Chicken Gun PC / iPhone / iPad App (Mod) Download (2021)

Have fun with our online community.

To increase the fun, Android gamers in Chicken Gun have now access to exciting game-related interactions. In this area, you can connect to the game’s online community, and participate in the thrilling interactions with other players via the chatbox. You can type whatever you’d like into the box to chat with other players or fellow gamers.

Personalize and customize your chicken companions

Since you’re enjoying online gaming and you’re enjoying the online gaming, it would be wonderful to make your character look impressive by giving it a unique appearance with their chicken fighting characters. This is why in Chicken Gun, gamers will be able to wear a range of character designs and personalize their beaks caps, and sneakers in the way you want.

Play for free

If you’re curious in the game, it’s currently available for free to everyone Android gamers to play on mobile devices. So, it’s easy to get the app and download it on Google Play Store. Google Play Store and no money is required.

Get unlimited cash with our method

If you’re feeling that the game to be irritating due to ads and in-game purchases, it’s possible to eliminate these irritating elements. It’s all it takes for players to install and download the updated versions of the game from our site. This game can provide unlimited cash to purchase items and weapons in addition to, in the same time you’ll never be bombarded with ads for a long time. Download this Chicken Gun Mod APK Follow the instructions, and you’ll soon be ready to go.

Chicken Gun on the App Store

Audio and visual quality


With its simple and easy-to-use graphic elements FPS gamers will be able to get familiar with the game’s gameplay within Chicken Gun. You can play the thrilling chicken fights, with seamless visual experiences and impressive graphics throughout the gameplay. The most important thing is that the simple graphics will ensure that the game can be played on a wide range of Android devices.


Alongside the easy and immersive visual experiences, Chicken Gun now offers the most engaging audio features that will let Android players to completely be immersed in the game. Explore the thrilling shooter game and experience the fun-filled action with stunning sound effects throughout the game.

Final thoughts

For the hardcore shooter lovers of hiding, and other top-down shooter titles It is possible to completely revive your action-packed gameplay with the brand-new title Chicken Gun. You are welcome to play the thrilling FPS games with our unique and distinctive chicken characters. At the same time you’ll be able to enjoy online gaming with unforgettable experience. With the absolutely free and unlocked game that is now available on our site There’s no reason to be hesitant.


What's new

New race mode, fixed broken racing map.

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