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CHEMIST Everyone has the fear that a bottle filled with chemical substances could explode during their chemistry experiment particularly if you're studying chemistry
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March 2, 2017
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Description of the program CHEMIST is: Virtual Chem Lab MOD APK 5.0.3 (Premium)

CHEMIST Everyone has the fear that a bottle filled with chemical substances could explode during their chemistry experiment particularly if you’re studying chemistry. In order to stop fears of putting off the fun of learning and playing with chemicals, THIX is now offering their fantastic mobile application Chemist: Virtual Chem Lab which will surely be a hit with Android users with its innovative design and features.

You can enjoy working in the fully-simulated virtual lab for chemistry which is great for people of all ages and backgrounds. From kids who have no formal backgrounds to highly educated university students. The app will aid you in understanding the various chemical reactions in experiments, without risk. It is possible to use the fully-simulated software to build your lab and have fun using it.

Find out more about this fascinating mobile app from THIX through our extensive review.

What is it?

In CHEMIST, Android users will get an app that is fully featured to help with chemistry education that allows users to effortlessly complete any of their chemistry projects without risk of dangers and explosions. The fully-simulated environment in your mobile devices will ensure that you are able to access the entire range of chemical compounds and equipment.

Try different reactions using various chemical substances, test techniques as well as the interactive tools available in the app, which enable you to visualize your experiments in chemistry to the maximum extent. Discover what chemical reactions interact with one within different conditions and in different environments. Experience deep learning that even the lab at school won’t be able to provide.

CHEMIST - Virtual Chem Lab - Google Play پر موجود ایپس

The fascinating and helpful application of Chemist: Virtual Chem Lab Will be accessible to all Android users, and let you make the most of its functions to learn and have fun with the science of chemistry. You don’t have to work excessively and just enjoy the game without consequences with CHEMIST as your understanding will gradually increase.


If you are intrigued by the amazing mobile application from CHEMIST You can download it through the Google Play Store and get started using the application’s features. Since it’s a pricey application, you will have to pay an initial cost for accessing the premium version of the app.

Furthermore, to make certain that your app will work properly on mobile devices, CHEMIST Virtual Chem Lab users need to grant the app certain access permissions. These are required to enable all the necessary features of the application.

Don’t forget to keep your Android devices upgraded to the most recent firmware version, which is preferably Android 4.0 and above because it’s required to ensure that the app is compatible with your system, particularly when you install new updates.

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Amazing features

Here are the top features the app offers:

Simple and user-friendly mobile application

In CHEMIST, Android clients will be able to take the chance to utilize the easy and user-friendly mobile application that is appropriate for all users. Enjoy working with the simple UI which lets you use the basic features and menus available in the CHEMIST. Use the available tools and materials to begin creating your experiments. This is all you have to do with the application.

Realistic simulations for you to use

To ensure that you are able to fully experience the educational experiences offered by Chemistry, the app has the most realistic simulation available to everyone Android users to explore and learn from. In this simulation, you can view the way different chemicals react with each other as well as with the environment, as you attempt to carry out your experiments. The lab simulation allows you to pour chemicals into beakers, mix them and watch them react within glass rods, alter the heat using Bunsen Burner, measure the temperature using the thermometer, as well as other real-world elements.

Amazing apparatus for working with your experiments

If you are interested, you will gain access to a set of 17 lab types of equipment which will be sufficient to meet the demands of your interest in science. You are free to use the mobile app that can help you quickly create your various experiments by using the different equipment. Explore the many tools and features available in the CHEMIST: Virtual ChemLab while you work on your research in a variety of ways.

A Virtual Lab for Chemistry Students - EON Reality

A myriad of chemicals are available for you to investigate

To ensure you’re able to benefit from your chemistry education to the maximum, Chemist: Virtual Chem Lab Will provide its entire collection of hundreds of chemicals, which will provide more than enough for you to tackle your diverse research and experiments. You are welcome to test the more than 200 inorganic chemical agents as well as the 60+ organic chemicals as they allow you to conduct your studies in the way you’d like.

Do not expose yourself to chemicals that pose dangers and hazards

One of the most impressive aspects of CHEMIST: the Virtual Chemistry Lab is that it has made it possible to eliminate the dangers and hazards of chemical chemistry while conducting experiments completely. This means that you don’t be worried about your table being toppled by chemicals or losing one or two fingers. The app is designed to make sure you’re able to play without any worries.

Enjoy deeper learning experiences

In addition to the stunning visualizations provided by the app to the majority of Android users, you will get access to real-time chemical information in the CHEMIST The Virtual Chem Labwhilst watching your reactions. This app contains all the relevant information regarding the specific chemicals that are involved as well as their changes in real-time so that you are always immersed in the experiences of deep learning and not just visually, but also more.

Effective tools and settings to use

If you are curious, you can take advantage of the many tools included in the application, that allows you to interact freely with the chemical as well as the in-game environment. You are free to use 6 different tools with their diverse uses and interactions. By altering the temperature of the lab or adjusting the composition of air and even increasing the speed the CHEMIST: Virtual Chem Lab ensures that you have complete control over the lab simulation.

Download the application for free and enjoy our mod

Last but not least for those who don’t want to shell out the high costs, we offer our own modified version of the application on our site which you are able to download and use without spending a dime. All you have to do is download the Chemist: Virtual Chem Lab Mod APK Follow the instructions to get the app correctly installed on your device and then begin using the completely unlocked features without having to make any purchase.

Final decisions

With an innovative idea and an array of incredible features that support it Chemist: Virtual Chem Lab will ensure that Android users can have fun learning the subject of chemistry with interactive experiments. You can enjoy the full-color reactions as you fully immerse yourself into live data in real-time, and have an absolute blast while learning. The most important thing is that the application will ensure that you don’t face any hazards while working with your experiments in chemistry.


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