CarX Drift Racing 2

The Description of CarX Drift Racing 2 Mod Apk

CarX Drift Racing 2 mod apk

CarX Drift Racing 2, a sequel of the original drift car game with cool new features, realistic graphics, and advanced physics simulation makes the second version even better than the first one. Work your way through a variety of tracks, 6 game modes, and 270 challenges in amazing cars with stunning paint jobs.


CarX Drift Racing 2 gives you the freedom of racing from an entirely new perspective. After a mysterious accident in Russia, you find yourself and your cars in an unfamiliar world. A world where cars are no longer limited by the laws of physics. You will face challenges and dangers as you drift through fields and deserts, discovering new environments and car upgrades along the way. Compete against other players around the world. Gain achievements, fame, and glory!


CarX Drift Racing 2 takes the universe of polygonal drift! The player can drive, jump, slide and do many tricks. The game has 9 levels:

It offers great graphics,

Racing doesn’t get any better than this. CarX Drift Racing 2 is among the best racing games you can play. realistic handling and is a lot of fun to play.

CarX Drift Racing 2 mod apk

Go behind the wheels of one of three new licensed cars,

each with its own unique handling, performance, and physics. Hit the CarX track park to perform jaw-dropping drifting stunts using realistic controls that feel as direct as real-life racing. Race through desert dunes, snowy mountains, city streets, and more in 11 thrilling locations around the globe. Drift Racing 2 brings next-gen graphics, challenging gameplay, and a rich multiplayer experience to your mobile device!

multiplayer gameplay

Drift Racing 2™ is a revolutionary, fully simulated, drift racing game that combines stunning soft-body physics with real-time. In Drift Racing 2™ you will experience the thrill of complete control, as you drift and race your car through epic courses all over the world.

spectacular graphics and online leaderboards.

From the creators of any car comes a drifting sequel with real physics,  Now you can drift from dusk till dawn with pure adrenaline in this new ultimate drift racing simulator!

The wait is over,

as the next generation of CarX Drift Racing is here. It’s called CarX Drift Racing 2 and we’re proud to announce some awesome upgrades that will make this game the best one yet! Coming to Android in 2018

With four new cars,

six original tracks, multiplayer mode, and more, CarX Drift Racing 2 is the future of smartphone racing games. With more features, better quality graphics, and outstanding gameplay, CarX Drift Racing 2 is a must-have for all racing game fans.

the combination of a high-quality

CarX Drift Racing 2 continues the revolution started by the first edition. The realism of the game has been improved by the physics engine and true-to-life car behavior developed by real drivers. The enormous virtual environment, designed according to a real circuit, brings players into a new world of freedom and stunts.

CarX is back with the biggest

drift racing simulator and we’re not just talking about customizing the car; this is all about the new things that you want to be exposed to racing. Fire up the game and select from nine different players from around the world or you can even tune your own character. You will match your driving skills to take on the multi-player leaderboards, just remember that in order to get to the top of this game, you have to have a sick wheel and killer racing lines that will make you look fresh among your opponents.

CarX Drift Racing 2 unleashes a visually stunning and one-of-a-kind drifting experience with its expert replicas of race tracks from all over the globe such as Germany, South Africa, google play store Japan, and Argentina.

A new type of drift racing game with 3D graphics.

Choose different cars to compete with professional drivers from all over the world. You can scroll sideways, backward, and forward and rotate 360 degrees to have a complete view and enjoy the exciting racing experience.


What is the best way to drift? ◦It is important to know if the car is more on the “left” or “right” side when it is drifting! ◦It’s much easier to learn drifting in a car with proper traction and better handling (hint hint). In comparison, manual transmission cars that have less grip can be more difficult to master. How do I claim my prize? What should I do to be a winner?

Final Words

It is our great pleasure to present you with the sequel of CarX Drift Racing – CarX Drift Racing 2. The second chapter of the best drifting game trilogy. We have spent over 1 year developing this game and we have prepared many new and amazing contents that will be loved by everyone. I am sure you will appreciate the time and efforts that were poured into making this game.

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