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In the game, Bullet Force, players will be playing as an exciting young soldier within the top military force in the world, the Bullet Force. You'll be taken into the world of chaos and destruction where lives aren't worth anything.
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June 27, 2022
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Description of the Bullet Force MOD APK 1.85.0 (Unlimited Ammo)

In the game, Bullet Force, players will be playing as an exciting young soldier within the top military force in the world, the Bullet Force. You’ll be taken into the world of chaos and destruction where lives aren’t worth anything.

100 miles away from us People are living in peace and bliss. On the other hand, people living in this country are being deprived of their normal lives and forced to participate in the constant battles between rival factions that are not friendly.

Your job as a soldier of the special unit is to lead your team in missions and difficulties. You must take down your enemies one at a time and restore peace to the country once more.

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Features Of Bullet Force

More than just a basic shooting game, Bullet Force will provide you with touching stories, that will allow you to experience an alternative view of the conflict. Additionally, the exciting and thrilling shooter game will keep you hooked to the screens on your smartphones. Here are a few of the best aspects of Bullet Force that you would definitely find fascinating:

Traditional PvP shooter match-ups

In Bullet Force, players will get to play the amazing game in which they will be able to compete against online players of various levels and experiences. For those who are the only one who wants to take on the game on their own match where everyone is only solely for their own interests. There’s no such thing as friendship or co-workers, so you need to be the best you can to prevail.

In the case of co-op multiplayer matches, players will be placed in teams of different types that will eventually battle one another. With a maximum amount of up to 20 players per game, it’s a lot of fun and excitement when playing the game. Select your team and choose different players with diverse capabilities and skills to ensure you succeed in the game.

Make your own weapon unique with efficient adjustments

With a variety of weapons to pick from players can play different roles during the match. You can turn into a formidable shooter using your snipping gun as well as the optics. Kill numerous enemies in one blast using the massive gun launcher, or the machine guns. Take out enemies with low health and then deliver their bodies to those who are dead.

Additionally, every weapon in your collection has a variety of options for upgrades and modifications. If you have your weapons upgraded to make them more effective in combat. Furthermore, you’ll be able to include a variety of amazing features to your weapon, like camouflages, improved range, extra bullets, and many more.

If you’re fighting with a style There are a lot of different combinations that you can create. The possibilities are endless.

Bullet Force Apkbaloch

You can play the game however you feel Of Bullet Force

In Bullet Force, you’ll have the chance to pick the way you want to approach the game. There are many different possibilities for players to select from. Furthermore, you’ll get access to four incredible game modes. These include Deathmatch, Conquest, Gun Game along with Free for All. Select your preferred game mode and then dive into the exciting adventures.

Enjoy custom matches

Apart from the primary game, you’ll also be given the opportunity to play custom matches in which you can set up your own game, with the rules of your choice. Invite your friends to join your own team and take on other teams in an epic battle. or fight with your friends in a single match to see who has the most skill.

View the match from a totally different angle

When you get further into this game, you’ll be presented with a Cinematic view, which allows you can change the appearance of the graphics and take away the HUD entirely. This will allow for authentic experiences for those who want to make a Montage.

You can play the game even if your computer doesn’t provide an Internet connection

In order to assist players who for any reason, cannot be connected to the Internet or are experiencing issues with their connection, Bullet Force also comes with a single-player campaign and skirmish mode. Follow the story of your characters as they discover the dark sides of battles. Also, you can take part in thrilling and intense gunfights in this epic shooter.

Connect to millions of gamers across the globe

The game is being played by more than 20 million players across the globe and the amount is growing. Therefore, you’ll be playing against millions of other online players. Learn and improve your skills when you play against real players, not artificial intelligence.

Play for free

The game is completely free to play This is not a common occurrence given all the incredible features it provides. But, it is real and you can enjoy this game without having to pay any money. Additionally, it contains fewer ads than other games, which will not have any negative impact on your gaming experience. It is possible to access the Google Play Store and download the game now to get started playing.

Sound and visual quality


The game is a masterpiece of 3D graphics. They may not look spectacular, however, it is remarkable when compared to other games. Furthermore, the game does not require any requirements for hardware capabilities. Therefore, it is likely to be able to make this game run on any device.


The powerful and enthralling sound effects will help keep your concentration throughout your fight. Furthermore, thanks to the precise sounds, it is easy to discern the approaching opponents in the direction in which the steps are taken.

How to install Bullet Force APK with OBB data file

  1. APK download it to your phone.
  2. Free Download
  3. Restart the game. Enjoy!

Download Bullet Force Mod latest 1.85.0 Android APK

Bullet Force is one of the great shooters that are not very often available on smartphones. It would therefore be regretful not to have it available on your phones.

What's new

-Added 2 new weapons (Kar 98 and Groza)
-Added 1 new map (Abandon)
-Added 2 new weapon camos
-Added 1 new player camo

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