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Prepare to be immersed in the thrilling action and addictive gameplay of Blocky Cars. Explore the fascinating world of car games that are creative and racing, since you'll not just be racing or driving but also flying around and fighting your huge monster vehicles and war machines
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December 29, 2021
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Description of Blocky Cars MOD APK 7.7.4 (Unlimited Money)

BLOCKY CARS - Play Blocky Cars on Poki

Prepare to be immersed in the thrilling action and addictive gameplay of Blocky Cars. Explore the fascinating world of car games that are creative and racing, since you’ll not just be racing or driving but also flying around and fighting your huge monster vehicles and war machines. Explore the world of amazing graphically pixelated images and blocky elements while you design and build all sorts of exciting vehicles.

Utilize your amazing power-packed creations while you prepare them to fight epic battles against similar-sized opponents. Explore your unlimited possibilities of creativity while coming up with a variety of ways to build and design your machine Blocky Cars. Improve their power, speed, and maneuverability as you increase your advantages over your adversaries. Take advantage of the in-depth and fascinating builder experience to build the most amazing military machines. Always enjoy fun and exciting online battles.

Learn more about the amazing mobile game that is a part of Blocky Cars with our reviews.

Story/Gameplay of Blocky Cars

In the world of Blocky Cars, everything is feasible since you have the ability to build your amazing machines using blocky scraps of every kind. You are free to extend your imagination to all limits and create amazing designs for Blocky Cars. Explore the fascinating universe of motion and creative games whenever you like.

Begin exploring the game by engaging in the many story challenges that will come your way as you learn the art of driving and explore the various game-play features. While you’re at it you can also play online in the thrilling game in Blocky Cars, which will give you even more exciting action. Join online gamers and friends all over the world while you engage in epic battles and addictive gameplay with live-time matches.

Features of

Blocky CarsBlocky Cars tank games, online - Apps on Google Play

Here are the best games features to provide:

Easy and easy to access in-game controls

For starters, players playing Blocky Cars will find themselves quickly adjusting to the controls in the game Blocky Cars which will make it much more comfortable for you to tackle certain game elements. Enjoy yourself playing with crafting that is interactive and easy to control, which allows you to easily create your own designs and modifications. In addition to having fun, you can also battle against your opponents while using the easy and simple control of the machine, which makes you feel totally engaged in the battles.

Make your own fighting animals

If you are looking to build and craft the game Blocky Cars it is possible to immediately benefit from the fantastic crafting blocks in Blocky Cars, as the game has more than 90 blocks you can create use of. You can browse through the various materials and learn about the unique qualities of each to decide whether you’d like to use them in your machine. Additionally, you can make use of many inventive components and parts, that will control your robots, cars, as well as other weapons. You are welcome to test the many editing options available in Blocky Cars while you allow amazing designs for your vehicles.

Blocky Cars Game - Play online at Games

Fantastic choices of pre-created war machines

To ensure that Android players playing Blocky Cars can have fun by enjoying their thrilling in-game Blocky Cars experience to the max the game offers various pre-built vehicles that you can purchase through the store. Take your time choosing among the amazing flying aircraft, tanks, fully-featured robots, and other weapon systems when you take them on thrilling battles in the game Blocky Cars. If you’re ever without ideas don’t hesitate to look at the possibilities for your own ideas in Blocky Cars and try to make your own designs.

You can take on hundreds of offline levels

to guide you through the game Blocky Cars and let you experience the thrilling action Blocky Cars will introduce gamers to an array of engaging game levels that offer thrilling and interesting experiences for you to explore. While at all times, with increasing levels of difficulty, and even more rich game content it is impossible to find Blocky Cars getting bored or bored.

Begin your online gaming experience by playing the classic Deathmatch

If you are curious, you can be part of the fun online world of Blocky Cars and have fun playing online in a variety of exciting game Blocky Cars modes, beginning with the classic action game of Deathmatch. Make use of all the features in the War Machine collection as you pick your most powerful weapons and take them to the battlefield. Compete against your friends in entertaining and addicting matches of never-ending Deathmatch. Enjoy yourself and stop the game when you need to.

Blocky Cars - tank games on the App Store

Take advantage of playing the strategic Capture the Flag matchups

If you are one of those who like the tactical approach in Blocky cars, then you may also enjoy the thrilling gameplay in Capture the Flag. In this mode, you and your team will need to use your strategy and teamwork skills to outwit your adversaries. Take their flags and defend yours to win. Enjoy the high-speed action and exciting gameplay at all times.

Have fun playing thrilling monster race games

In addition to battling or building things, you also can also enjoy the thrilling game of high-speed racing Blocky Cars. You can choose the fastest car and press the accelerator when you race against your friends in hilarious and thrilling games. In addition, making use of the action-based features included within this game makes the game more enjoyable.

Addictive FPS game mode to enjoy

The fans of thrilling shooter games will be entertained by Blocky Cars, as the game is now offering an exciting FPS gaming mode. You are free to purchase guns of different types and install them with your war machines and robots. Use your mechas to combat other players in thrilling FPS challenges. All of this will let you enjoy playing to the fullest.

Blocky Cars tank games, online - Apps on Google Play

You can easily customize your characters

To make the online game more exciting, players in Blocky Cars can now make their characters stand out due to the customization options available that are available in the game. You are free to alter your skins by choosing multiple outfits and costumes with different designs and styles. While you’re at it you can have fun playing with the cool armors and guns that not only boost the performance of your robots but enhance your machines’ appearance.

Enjoy the thrilling multiplayer games

To ensure that Android gamers have the opportunity to play multiplayer to the maximum, Blocky Cars will allow players to play up to 8 gamers on a single map. In addition, you will be able to easily access the chat channel as well as interact with other players. Explore the randomly generated maps and play the exciting game that is Blocky Cars even more.

M1 Cyber Robot Car in Blocky Cars Online - YouTube

Explore the classic styles of pixel games.

People who love the old Pixelated games will certainly enjoy Blocky Cars to be an excellent mobile game for you to play. You can explore amazing detailed maps that have pixelated graphics as well as 3D maps that are in-depth. While doing so, you can also enjoy many amazing futuristic and cool elements that let you enjoy Blocky Cars to the fullest.

Play for free

In spite of all the interesting and engaging features, The game remains available for free to enjoy on all of your Android devices. All that is required is for users to sign up for the application from Google Play Store. Google Play Store. If you’d like to learn more about the features of Blocky Cars, then you may opt for specific in-game purchases.

Take advantage of the updated app on our site

To avoid wasting your hard-earned cash on the game’s features and unlock additional options, use this modified edition of Blocky Cars. It will allow you to play the game at no cost. This is where you can get unlimited in-game cash and ad-free games. All that is required is for the player to install and download blocky Cars Mod Apk follow the instructions on our site, and you’ll be ready to go.

Audio and visual quality


Explore the basic yet highly interactive graphics in the game, that will make you think of the original cops N Robbers. Engage in a myriad of thrilling interactions with the game’s elements. Enjoy thrilling battles with impressive sound effects. Always in for the addictive game in the form of Blocky Cars, thanks to the custom-made blocky world.

Sound & Music

Alongside engaging visuals, Blocky Cars also offers exciting audio experiences, since it lets mobile gamers fully immerse themselves in the excitement. You can have fun by listening to powerful audio effects and captivating soundtracks to keep you glued to the game’s in-game experience.

Final thoughts

With numerous exciting in-game features, thrilling game modes, stunning visuals, and thrilling choices for audio, Blocky Cars can easily keep mobile gamers attracted by the hobby. In addition, when you play the free and unlocked version of the game available on our website, there are many more reasons to play the game.

What's new

- Christmas time in Blocky Cars! Enjoy an awesome X-mas ambience.
- New festive skin
- London map is back again to the game!
- Increased blocks limit. Put up to 7 guns on your machine!
- New interface features.
- Bugs fixes and general performance improvements

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