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The BASEBALL 9 is a light 9-ply wood bat for players who prefer bats with less swing weight. The V-TECH two-piece barrel consists of a single piece of wood on the handle and a single piece of wood from the handle to the knob, then blends the two-piece design by overlaying an additional 5 thick plies at the knob. This design creates an extremely lightweight bat that delivers a fast swing-through zone.

what is Diamond

BASEBALL 9 is a new app game with its own sports story in the application. It has created a revolutionary arcade experience with voice, animation, auto-play, and self-voice record! In addition, it can unlock all modes including the Tower Mode by acquiring player cards with diamonds. Moreover, it is more interesting that you can join in the Diamond Tournament to make friends from around the world.BASEBALL 9 is an intense distance-running arcade game in which the player must run back and forth between bases in order to score points without being tagged by the baseball. It will be playable on any iOS or Android device with a touchscreen.


BASEBALL 9 harnesses the powers of baseball, resulting in a game that delivers endless hours of fun and action. The idea behind BASEBALL 9 is simple: to hit the ball as hard as you can without falling into one of the holes that pop up. Challenge your friends over local Bluetooth® multiplayer or take on strangers from around the world online. Use your iPhone’s tilt controls or touch screen to control the swerve and speed of your pitch, and prove that it’s not always who hits the hardest, but who works together to score the most runs!

BASEBALL 9 mod apk


Baseball is a game of speed, power, and precision that equates to heart-pounding excitement. Take the field anew with Baseball 9, delivering a modern blend of defense and offense to the classic tabletop format. Energize your play with new game-changing rules and take part in an engrossing solo campaign. Baseball 9 puts you at the helm of an epic quest to become the champion.


The future of baseball is here at another incarnation of the Marucci CAT5 – Baseball 9. Designed to feel like a big-league bat, google play store the Baseball 9 utilizes Radial channels for feel and adjustability without sacrificing performance. With a medium torque, 34/31″ nat & .565” barrel, you can hit it as hard as you want off any pitch thrown your way.

This is Baseball 9.

If you haven’t heard of us, we’re the next version of everyone’s favorite game! We bring you a board that never needs to be reset and a game that never ends! It’s Software-Engineered baseball. This is guaranteed to be the new most-talked-about game at backyard barbeques around the world.

Looking for a high-quality

baseball glove for your young player? Baseball 9 is designed to develop the proper hand position and technique needed to catch the ball on the web of the glove. This “big-hand” glove provides comfort and protection for developing players with a deep pocket and generous wrist padding that is wrapped in durable medical-grade nylon.


BASEBALL 9 continues the tradition set by its predecessors and provides the most complete baseball simulation available. From little league to pro, 9 different bats with different strengths and specifications, 3 fielders, a pitcher, an umpire, and 10 different pitches let you recreate almost any situation on the field. Play in a single game or try managing a season – your players will gain experience, sign autographs, and even age as the game goes on.

Final word

Baseball 9 is a game that challenges players to follow a ball with their fingers on the screen. Players can choose from different game modes and challenges to make it more interesting! It is both simple and easy to play. It is a good way to pass time when you have nothing to do!

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