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The Art of War: Legions is a thrilling strategy game that features a variety of spectacular battles. This game is different from Gear Games Art of War games like Art of War 3 or Art of War 3: Global Conflict that you have played previously. The player is the commander, who oversees small armies accepts challenges at various levels, and doesn’t forget to get bonuses from bonus missions. This is your army, and you are in complete control to build them up.

War of the World: Legions of war: Legions have three types of troops, including Army tanks (high HP) as well as structures (catapults or ballista gunners) the military type DPS (attack). There are three main lines of the battle formation: the front line and the middle row as well as the rear row.

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The Art of War: Legions also includes an idle function. When you quit the game unit continues to fight against the adversaries to earn gems and coins. Each battle in Art of War: Legions is thrilling. Be a great commander and enjoy yourself. You will be able to unlock the amazing bonus missions once you have reached the level of 14. Gamers can earn gems when they complete these tasks. Be aware that some tasks are quite difficult.

We update the game regularly to offer an improved experience for everyone. The game’s creator is constantly trying to enhance your gaming experience and enhance the gameplay.

General Information of Art of War: Legions

The Art of War: Legions is an enjoyable tactical play experience that includes an abundance of thrilling battles. You’ll be the commander who leads the tiny army to fight in the battle against the enemies and defend the kingdom. In Legions of the Art of War: Legions players are able to customize their team to fight, take all units of the military on the field, and even include a hero who will take charge of the fight.

Particularly specifically, the Art of War Legions also offers idle time. If you quit your game area, the troops will continue to fight the enemies with the aim of earning coins and gems to be collected upon your return. With regards to gameplay modes Art of War: Legions includes battles, events, adventure, as well as PVP stages. Accept challenges at different levels, and don’t forget to take advantage of the rewards from bonus missions.

The game is a total control affair. you’re given complete control over your army. The fights are in Art of War: Legions are dances of war. Make an effort to be a great commander and enjoy yourself. You will be able to unlock the third bounty mission once you have reached the level of 14. Gems can be obtained through completing all those missions. Be cautious, however, as certain quests are challenging.

How to Install Art of War: Legions?

The installation and playability game Art of War: Legions is not as complicated as you may think. All you have to do is follow the steps listed for success. You’ll be thrilled when you play Art of War on your smartphone.

When it comes to playing Art of War, players are required to lead their tiny troops to fight with passion. But, certain missions require you to follow an acceptable Art of War strategy to highlight both the advantages and disadvantages of every unit.

  • 1. Step 1. Start with the internet browser that you have installed on either your Android or iOS device. Follow the download link and play the game Art of War corresponding to the operating system.
  • Step 2. Step 2: Start your game Art of War after successful installation. You will notice that the interface for the game is easy and visually appealing. For your part in the Art of War game, hit”Battle” on your yellow Battle button.
  • Step 3. 3: As previously mentioned The Art of War has relatively straightforward gameplay. It is all about arranging your troops in a way that allows you to complete each stage with the lowest extent of harm. Beginners can also be successful when they follow the instructions of the system.

There is no need to control anything, simply look at the tiny warriors swivel their bows and arrows in order to take out the foe. If you are successful you’ll earn gold. In the event that you lose, you will have to go back to the game. Gold is typically used to purchase the next level of Art of War recruiting cards.

The chance of getting it is much lower when using Gems. If you carry a lot in cash, then the probability of the spawn of star generals is greater. In the course of the fight, you can summon additional troops by pressing right on the screen. The screen displays the number of summons on the lower-left side of your screen. Every couple of seconds, you are able to dial an additional unit.

Like this, you can arrange your troops to fight each stage, and you will receive Gold coins. They can be used to recruit elite units to conquer more stages. Hopefully, Similar to the way you organize your troops to fight each stage, you will receive Gold coins. They can be used for recruiting high-level units in order to conquer more stages. Hopefully, they will be strong and able to overcome the biggest obstacles.

Special Features of Art of War: Legions

After this instructional tutorial on how to play Art of War, you will be able to maximize the fun of playing Art of War.

The topic of war is endless and the battles that are featured in Art of War: Legions are also inexplicably. The goal of this game will be to create an impressive army that can defend your country and attack your enemies. There are numerous levels of combat. In each stage, you must choose and organize your troops in a way to take on and eliminate all the foes.

In the game Art of War: Legions There are more than 30 different units, which include goblins, human beings witches, demons, or witches. Each time you play for ten levels you can unlock new units.

It is possible to upgrade troops from the same unit to form two troops at a higher level. The upgrade works on the idea that two groups of troops at the same type and level will be a part of one group of the same level. Two troops of the same level of type 2 will be a part of one troop group of the same type and level 3.

We’ll base the next phases on the basis that upgrades. In every game, you can put as many as 49 soldiers on the field. The field is 7×7 tiles, with each army representing one square of the field.

It is a given in every army that, if there are troops, there will be a general who will lead the troops. For Art of War: Legions the game, there are more than 30 generals of various races. They are like soldiers.

Every general will have special abilities which increase your strength and the power of a soldier’s army. They also have offensive abilities with incredible force. It is possible to increase the level of generals. This means they will improve strength, health, and level of their skills. Upgrades require parts from the character. It is necessary to collect them to upgrade your hero.

Many Game Modes of Art of War: Legions

In Art of War: Legions There are three different game modes. First, it splits the game into three distinct levels. After completing ten levels you are able to earn chests as well as an opportunity to unlock new armies within the game. Each time you play you’ll need to organize and command your army to strike and beat the advancing enemy. The reward for escaping mode is gold coins and bonus chests.

Bonus mission modes are game mode that includes a certain number of gates permission. It usually ranges between five and ten gates during a mission. In the gates in this mode, it is no longer possible to battle on a straight playing field. There will be terrain that requires your troops to move to confront the adversaries. But, the rewards for this type of game are quite appealing. It’s an enormous amount of gold coins with gems that can be used to purchase upgrades and buy into the game.

The Expedition model is a unique game mode. It is the only time you will not be using your troops to fight your adversaries. The goal of this scenario is to take the castles of your adversaries in order to win the battle. You’ll need to build troops from your cities. Use your troops to conquer fortresses that are empty as well as cities of enemies.

Art of War: Legions

In the main user interface, there is an open chest. No matter if you play online or offline you will be able to collect tiny quantities of gold coins and gems. When playing Art of War: Legions players are able to participate in a competition mode that has points calculated according to the number of cups each player has.

In the beginning, each player will have 1000 trophies. They will have to compete with other players to improve their position on the leaderboard. For each group with a certain rank, players will be awarded various rewards following each summary.

Sound and Graphics of Art of War: Legions

of War: Legions of War: Legions has enchanting and relaxing game music that can help you relax during the game. Sound effects are among the most noticeable feature of Art of War: Legions. The game features excellent combat sound effects. You can hear cheers and screams, or weapons collisions.

Additionally, the sounds that are heard at the beginning and end of the game, as well as the sounds of the prison along with the sound of the falling of coins of gold makes the game more thrilling. They create the graphics of the game in cartoon-like form using vibrant and gorgeous hues.

The soldiers take on the form of limbs as well as body parts, designed with a unique shape of an individual human. Generals appeared powerful and demonstrated their strength when they were in the position of leading an army. The effects that occur when generals make use of the ability are amazing and make playing more engaging.

Recommended Alternatives

Stick War: Legacy

Based on a standard flash game for PC, Stick War: Legacy is suddenly being recognized as a game of a lifetime due to the unique gameplay on smartphones. A stickman-themed game with a traditional tactical style it is getting lots of interest from gamers.

Today, goal-oriented games are extremely popular on mobile devices. The game is played by a lot of players around the world. It’s not just a matter of luck that Stick War: Legacy is not one of them. It’s a top 10 download off Google Play. It is an ideal option for those who love sticks.

The storyline is Stick War: Legacy is unique in that it takes players to the world of Inamorta. The land is under the control of an authoritarian force. You’ll play the part of the rebel. By step, you will regain the rights of the unhappy citizens here. Then, unify all in order to rise to the top of the throne. The storyline in Stick War: Legacy has an obvious objective. It is vital for games of strategy.

We’re still going through the same construction process, such as purchasing goalkeepers and soldiers. However, Stick War: Legacy has more in-depth gameplay. It offers the ability to play with a limited number of players and gold, and you’ll need an artisan to earn money. Therefore, the issue of economics and the military can be an issue for gamers.

Stick War: Legacy offers players four kinds of troops: spearmen, archers swordsmen, and wizards.

There’s a hidden final boss. The strategy for the game is evident because, aside from restricting soldiers, you need to consider how to utilize soldiers. Each type has its advantages. Another thing to consider is that The field of battle is small. Therefore, the way in which the team ensures that the whole team to not be a burden over each other is the most important factor to win.

Each kind of army within Stick War: Legacy has specific features. For instance, the swordsman has powerful damage and is fast but is weak in strength. Magicians are costly, however, they are able to be summoned. The enemy is also likely to have soldiers similar to you. In the most difficult situations, the machine can also be highly intelligent when they understand how to join various soldiers, attack, or retreat. It’s frustrating.

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In addition to those who fight, players are able to utilize a variety of capabilities bought from the diamond shop following every victory. This makes fighting much simpler. Another benefit to Stick War: Legacy is the mode that lets the player take control of the fight directly. If you’re good enough, you could be on your own from beginning to end. It’s not possible.

You can upgrade nearly anything you want in Stick War: Legacy from houses to soldiers, and even other minor features. Once the soldiers have been upgraded, they’ll appear better with a variety of armor and weapons of people. Even later, you can put resources into a powerful stickman. Later, you can transform it into a vessel and defeat your enemies.


The gameplay of Archer is quite easy, you only must control your character to avoid monsters and the attacks that they react to. You’ll gain random skills when you level up. Every monster will become more powerful. Also, in the google play store, you have to increase damage and defense is the first step to combat the monsters. After a time of practice, numerous players praise Archero’s advantages and drawbacks. archer.

Archer is an online game featuring basic and lightweight graphics. It is therefore appropriate for all models that range from cheap, and popular to premium. A gentle game requires a combination of finger movements and flexibility of thought. The game isn’t overly demanding. If you’re a fan of the thrill and excitement it is possible to play the game without difficulty.

The arrangement of stages is quite sensible. It guides players through the easy initial gates to challenging levels. The game forces players to think a few times before passing. The lever that controls the character’s movement may alter its position based on the location you place your finger.

Final Words

art of War: Legionsoffers an exciting fighting experience that players can enjoy. The battlefield can be fought constantly without having to worry about physical problems similar to other games of strategy.

The diverse troops and strong generals can help you be a part of the battle all over the world. If you’re a fan of strategies for war, Art of War: Legions is a game you must try to appreciate the thrill it can bring.

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