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Armed Heist is a brand new, free third-person shooter game that is catching on in both the App Store, as well as Google Play recently. It is the portable version of Payday 2 because of the similarity in the context to the storyline.

It will let you be engrossed in an array of robberies that range from invasions, and theft of rare valuable and precious jewels from gem stores to major missions such as raids. You must visit the bank and follow plans to take the bank. The targets are already laid in their Crime Map which is a base for both large and small thefts.

Armed Heist is an exciting game that makes you the villain and sparks chaos. However, regardless of whether it’s robbery or police, being properly prepared for fighting or task is an essential element to being successful. Armed Heist lets you pick and purchase the equipment you need as well as customize your appearance to match and aid in the execution of your plan.

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The guns that are featured on the screen are well-known to players who previously played Payday 2. From the well-known SMGs to the popular Shotguns All are well-known melee guns that are adored by players. But, it’s impossible to miss the appearance of handmade and authentic rifles with a wealth of options that will cause an increase in gun combat.

General Information

Armed Heist is a harrowing shooter game that lets players confront a myriad of challenges while performing unsavory missions. If you’re a film enthusiast, then you’ve probably been familiar with the fame of The Town, Baby Driver, and Den of Thieves, the films that follow the story of rogue actors that specialize in dark missions. However, in the world of virtual, there aren’t many games with the same theme, just Payday. The payday series is well-known and is a hit.

However, now gamers will have another representation that is a mobile-based shooting game with the same spirit as Payday. Armed Heist is a promising game with a theme being used in Hollywood to take on gaming on mobile devices. The third-person shooter game has been first released for Android in addition to iOS. Beginning today, players will be able to go directly to the end of this report and download Armed Heist at no cost starting today.

Armed Heist’s gameplay is based on third-person action that allows players the freedom to move about and conceal behind the wall. In contrast to other games similar to it, that allow players to quickly defeat the opponent and escape behind the barrier and hide behind the barrier, Armed Heist will oblige you to move when the enemy is near and is hurling tear gas and grenades. In addition should it not be resolved and quickly escaped opponents with heavy armor and powerful firepower will begin to appear and make Armed Heist a quite challenging game for shooters on the move.

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How do I Play Armed Heist?

The Payday game for PC has amazed players by giving them the opportunity to transform into criminals who are dressed in stylish outfits and terrifying masks. Players have to guide this criminal organization to escape from the bank robbery, capture hostages, engage in intense gunfights with police, and be able to survive.

Based on the most loved game The SOZAP developer has recently made it possible to play the Third-person shooting game Armed Heist on the mobile. Similar to the Payday game, players plan a bank robbery but instead of trying to accomplish everything in silence the game forces players to participate in gunfights that are epic, featuring many scenes from cash trucks, jewelry stores, or even the most prestigious banks.

In addition to the game itself, In addition, Armed Heist includes a comprehensive upgrade and purchase system for weapons to allow players to equip their robberies better. It also allows you to compete against other players on the world leaderboards of the game by taking part in the most challenging Robberies.

The visuals of Armed Heist are also designed and elaborated in a 3D style, offering the latest shooting experience to players. The effects of explosion and fire continuously are displayed after every rain shot hits. It’s not even talking about that minor elements are taken care of like the effect of projectiles or smoke bombs. The bombs employed to block the bandit’s escape route are also very thoughtful.

It’s unclear what Armed Heist’s launch date will be, but we anticipate that the game will launch in the stores for iOS and Android at the close of the year. You can sign up on the website below to try this game when you can.

General Assessments

Armed Heist is an online 3rd person shooter where players take on the role of a criminal who has robbed the bank. If you’re in search of an online shooting game that will make you unable to get your attention off the display, Armed Heist is an excellent choice. Like a criminal who

is being pursued in the game of shooting Armed Heist, players will require greater intelligence and be more skilled than their rivals. Utilize a variety of bizarre weaponry and faces to accomplish your goals. You can also upgrade the character of your choice by unlocking various kinds of weapons and gear. You can complete more than 70 challenging missions to become a famous criminal.

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When you join Armed Heist for Android, you’ll be engrossed in a myriad of crimes, ranging from a robbery at the jewelry store of a few dollars to bank robberies that are massive. Gradually, the difficulty increases and you earn greater rewards. BlackShot Revolution is also a mobile shooter from the BlackShot series. Players can join an elite group of mercenaries to freely modify weapons and master a handful of difficult game modes.

Optional Alternative: Standoff 2

Standoff 2 is a stunning online shooter game exclusively for mobile devices. You can expect to feel as if you were playing the world-renowned Counter-Strike. If you’re someone who has played shooters on PC while playing Standoff 2, it will feel completely different. Players will be able to become marksmen, play, and compete against numerous other players.

Face the most powerful gunmen participating on the battlefield of the Standoff 2 game, which is a fierce battle to eliminate enemies. In this game, the only way to survive is by fighting. But, the players have only the option of a couple of types of guns to participate in the battle because the weapon system in Standoff 2 is a bit basic.

In terms of the gun’s feel, Standoff 2 is a little better than most online shooting games in the marketplace currently. It makes the snap, the apparent weight, and vibrates as if you were holding an actual gun and pulling the trigger on the game. In addition, the game excels in the sound of gunshots, which resounds with violent explosions, like you want to go on a journey.

Final Words

If you’re familiar with the equipment that police use during anti-riot operations like batons, shields, and bombs with spicy odors The support equipment will be a complete surprise for the robbers found that are in Armed Heist MOD. The cover systems are numerous and you’ll be faced with the issue of choosing which ones to use before starting the fight. It could have been one or two old spicy bombs and homemade gas bombs. You can experience it again to discover how wrong I was in my perception.

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Engaging and dramatic These words appear to be inadequate to speak about the amazing impressions this new design of the game provides. The sharp graphics, the realistic sound for each bullet, or even the particular tones of the setting will leave an impact on players, particularly those who expect to be from the action game line. What are you putting off before downloading and playing safely by playing Armed Heist on your iOS and Android device now?

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