AppLock MOD APK 5.0.0 (Premium Unlocked)

 AppLock mod apk

 AppLock Despite many of their features and benefits, however, the Android platform has a number of security risks that you’ll need to be aware of, particularly when you’re using a lot of important applications and documents.

With this helpful software developed by DoMobile Lab, you can quickly and effectively protect yourself that comes from

unauthorized access as well as a security breach.

It is your choice to allow the app to secure all-important apps on your device to ensure that other users cannot access your private data. Also, hide your videos and photos to completely disappear out of the gallery app. Allow the app to lock by using random keyboards to ensure that other people are able to get a glimpse of your security codes or patterns.

What is it that they do?

In the AppLock, Android users will be able to access the full-featured security tools on their device that will assist them to safeguard their privacy by using passwords, patterns, or fingerprint locks for every app available. Make sure that all your apps are safe in your vaults of secured security. You can hide videos and photos from your gallery so that other users are able to check them. Also, enable the random keyboard for more security measures.

Experience the user-friendly and user-friendly mobile application to make the most of its UI. You can unlock private browsers for total security and privacy while you surf the Internet. Also, enable private SNS to ensure that all messages you send remain private to you only. Take quick photos of stealthy thieves trying to access your phone.

 AppLock mod apk

Customize the features of the app and interface to suit your personal preferences. You can enable a variety of smart locks using locations and time triggers. Also, hide from view the AppLock icon to ensure that nobody else has access to it. Lock the useful widget for apps to work comfortably on a variety of functions within the app while staying on your home page. The list is endless.


If you are curious, you can have fun using the fantastic application AppLock available on the Google Play Store without any cost. You just need to download the app installed automatically. Begin enjoying many of the features available as you advance. Feel free to buy any in-app purchases should you be looking to unlock new features.

Also ensure that you provide your application with all required access rights, as they’re required to allow the full-featured app. Make sure you keep your devices upgraded to the most current firmware versions. This allows users to use compatible applications to the maximum.

Amazing features

Here are the most exciting features the app can offer:

A variety of locking mechanisms

In comparison to the one locking mechanism that comes with the AppLock Fingerprint, You can have the additional options available in this application and still have the same functionality. Therefore, Android users in AppLock will be able to work with a range of different locking mechanisms that make it much simpler to configure their devices. You can secure apps using patterns, passwords, and fingerprints.

These options are accessible in this amazing application by DoMobile Lab. In order to stop other users from snooping on your codes or fingerprints, The app will alter the keyboard settings randomly. So, every time you use the app, you’ll enter a different lock to surprise your friends.

Smart lock options for you to take advantage of

For those who are interested, you can look forward to using Smart Lock options available in AppLock that allow Android users to maximize the use of the app and alter the app’s experience according to their preferences. Setting up auto-lock and unlock times depending on the amount of time used in AppLock. Additionally, you can use the location lock, which will ensure that your devices are locked or unlocked while in a specific location.

Then, last but not the least, to be sure you don’t get annoyed by auto-lock features, AppLock also enables a short-term exit option. This ensures that the app remains unlocked for a specific period of time before it resumes its security features. This means that users can use and leave certain apps, without them being immediately locked.

Allow Vault to secure your photos and images

While at the same time safeguarding your valuable photos and videos AppLock users can activate the built-in Vault that will automatically block the photos and videos from every available gallery. In turn, you are able to only access the specific files by entering the appropriate passwords in AppLock. It is your choice to pick videos and images to hide them within AppLock.

Feel comfortable working with the user-friendly design and user-friendly interface.

To make the app more user-friendly, DoMobile Lab also enables themes that are well-designed on mobile devices. This will make it much easier for users to navigate the user-friendly interface and use all features available in the application.

Work comfortably using an integrated Internet browser

With AppLock, Android users can gain access to its built-in Internet browser with a range of private options to utilize. It is possible to activate the incognito browser that does not keep a record of your history or private information. While doing so it’ll protect your internet connections from security threats or vulnerabilities.

Private SNS across multiple accounts

To ensure that your content shared via messaging applications and social media platforms are 100% secure, AppLock also offers its private SNS. Just enable the feature and then log into multiple accounts in one go.

Make a photo of any intrusions

If you’re concerned that your devices could be attacked by other people you should activate the option “Intruder Selfie” within AppLock. The app will automatically take a photograph of intruders if they make use of incorrect passwords. This will enable Android users to see who wants to know their secrets and challenge them.

Make it possible to modify the backgrounds

In AppLock you will be able to take pleasure in working with the completely custom UI that allows simple and quick changes to background images. You can choose any images you like from the app’s collection and then enable them in the mobile application to change the visuals in the app. Also, you can enable images stored in your device’s storage.

Make and edit the different groups of locked apps

In addition, to accommodate the different Android profiles, AppLock additionally offers a range of restricted app groups, where specific games and apps will be chosen based on your personal preferences. Try out the options that are interesting when you try to tailor the app to match the appropriate profiles.

Hide the AppLock icon to ensure complete security

To ensure that anyone will not even be aware of AppLock and its use It is also possible to hide the AppLock icon on your system in order to provide total security. Furthermore, AppLock will come with Advanced Protection, which will make sure that your system is not able to complete the task or remove the application. Additionally, the locking system settings will stop children from causing damage to your devices.

Simple widget to use

To ensure that you have fun working using the amazing app of AppLock the app, a simple and easy-to-use widget is available. You can make quick adjustments to the app or enable or disable the app in just one touch. This will make it simpler and easier for you to use.

A useful lock switch for allowing access

If you are curious, you can take pleasure in working with the lock button within AppLock This will make it much easier to protect your app using wi-fi, Bluetooth, and other sync options. It is also possible to secure and unlock the app by using the controls available within the notifications bar.

Boost your Android system

Additionally, if you notice that your Android devices draining power, AppLock can improve the situation by turning on the Power Saving mode. This will make sure that AppLock will run only with the minimum requirements. This means that it will consume minimal memory on your system, and ensure that you’re able to easily utilize the features in the app.

Get the application fully unlocked on our website.

Last but not least for those who are curious, you can use the fully unlocked app of AppLock on our site. We offer all the top features and an ad-free experience that you can enjoy without having to pay. You just need to run app lock mod.apk, download it AppLock Mod APK Follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go. You can expect to experience a variety of advanced features that make the app more efficient.

Final decisions

With its simple and easy-to-use capabilities, AppLock will provide its full protection tools to all of you trying to protect your Android apps as well as information.

It is possible to set up the app using a variety of modifications and ensure your privacy is protected. Additionally, with the no-cost and unlocked application on our website, there are additional reasons to download the app.

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